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Our History

In July of 1969 George Thomas Florist was founded by Tom & Pat Smith and Helen and George Schatzlein. The immediate objective of George Thomas Florist was the purchase and operation of what was then the Arbogast Floral Company. The longer range objective was the eventual merger of Knightstown Greenhouses, Kiefer Floral Company and Kiefer Inc. into the new George Thomas Corporation. In 1969, Knightstown Greenhouses, Inc. owned and operated flower and gifts stores in Knightstown and Greenfield, Indiana.

Kierfer Floral Company was located on West 16th Street and Kiefer, Inc. in Lafayette Square in Indianapolis, Indiana. In September of 1970, the merger of these firms into George Thomas Inc. was completed. The corporate office of the newly merged corporation was located in Historic Irvington at 6011 E. 10th Street, Indianapolis Indiana. George Thomas Inc. is the surviving corporate name in the history of floral firms dating back to the 1920ís. Knightstown Greenhouses, Inc. was founded in 1928 by C.M. Schatzlein and Jennie Schatzlein. George and Helen Schatzlein joined the firm in 1948. Kiefer Floral Company was founded in about 1923 by Robert Kiefer and was purchased by Tom and Pat Smith in 1962.

In October 1990, George Thomas Florist moved from its original location in Irvington, to George Thomas Plaza at 1038 N. Shadeland Ave., Indianapolis, IN. George Thomas Florist called 10th & Shadeland home until August 2010, when George Thomas Florist decided to move it design center back to its roots to Historic Irvington, Indianapolis, IN. George Thomas Florist feels Historic Irvington and the changes taking place are a positive approach to the challenging business climate and looks forward to the opportunity to help grow Historic Irvington and George Thomas Florist.